2016 Guests

Rick Howland

Rick Howland - Crystal Coast Con

Rick Howland is a Canadian actor who is best known for his portrayal of Trick in the hit Sci-Fi television series, “Lost Girl” (2009 to 2014). Over the five seasons he appeared in 72 of the 77 episodes. During that time he also starred in an episode of the popular Sci-Fi series “Sanctuary”.

Howland has hosted comedy shows and wrote his own stand-up routine for “Club Land” directed by Saul Rubinek, screenplay by Steven Webber. He co-wrote and directed the award winning short film “Underwritten” for the Toronto 48-hour film festival. As of 2014, he is starring in, directing and producing Rick and Sunday’s Comedy Channel on YouTube. Musically, Howland has been songwriting for almost 30 years. His 3rd and latest EP “Hold My Hand” was masterfully produced by Graham Ward, featuring She’s a Goddess in season 4 episode 2 of “Lost Girl”.

For more information about Rick Howland, you can check him out here:

Zoie Palmer

Zoie Palmer - Crystal Coast Con

Born in England, Zoie Palmer’s love of acting began at an early age. Determined to follow her dream she moved to Toronto where she graduated from York University’s Theatre Program with a B.F.A.

Palmer has appeared in an array of television productions, notably starring as Ronald Reagan’s daughter, Patti, in The Reagans, the critically acclaimed MOW that caused a sensation and was nominated for a slate of Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe. Palmer also appeared in the Emmy Award-winning TV movie, Out of the Ashes, starred in the pilot Devil’s Perch, and portrayed Goth musician Patsy in the series Instant Star. Palmer also starred in Snapshots for Henry, which was nominated for a Genie Award as Best Live Action Short Drama, and was honored with the Best Actor Award at the Baja California Film Festival for her performance in Terminal Venus, a short by Alexandre Franchi. She was also nominated for an ACTRA award for her work in The Untitled Work of Paul Sheppard. Zoie also starred as Coast Guard rescue swimmer Carly Grieg in the hit Global series The Guard and more recently she starred in the movie Cold Blooded a thriller for which she was awarded the best actress award at the Bare Bones International Film Festival. Zoie starred in the comedy Sex After Kids written and directed by Jeremy Lalonde and her new drama; Patchtown is currently hitting the festival circuit. Recently wrapping Season 5 playing Dr. Lauren Lewis, scientist to the Fae, in Showcase’s hit series Lost Girl in it’s 5th and final season. Debuting this summer, from the creators of Stargate and producers of Lost Girl, Zoie is currently starring SYFY’s, Dark Matter, which begins filming its third season November 2016.

 For more information about Zoie, you can check her out here:
IMDb | Twitter

 Paul Amos

Paul Amos - Crystal Coast Cont

Paul Amos is an actor from Wales, UK. He has worked with several prestigious theatre companies including the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre. Paul is best known for his beloved anti-hero role as Vex, in the hit series, Lost Girl. He is also the voice for Jacob Frye in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate plus so much more!

For more information about Paul Amos, you can check him out here:
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 Herb Jefferson Jr.

Herb Jefferson Jr. - Crystal Coast Con

Herbert Jefferson Jr. was born on September 28, 1946 in Sandersville, Georgia, USA. He is an actor, known for Apollo 13 (1995), Battlestar Galactica (1978) and Outbreak (1995).

For more information about Herb Jefferson, Jr., you can check him out here:

Noah Hathaway

Noah Hathaway - Crystal Coast Con

Noah Hathaway was born on November 13, 1971, to Judy and Robert Hathaway. In 1978, he landed the role of Boxey on the cult Sci-Fi show, Battlestar Galactica (1978). Later that year, he played the role of Atreyu in The NeverEnding Story (1984) and the lead as Harry Potter Jr. in Troll (1986).

For more information about Noah Hathaway, you can check him out here:

IMDb | Facebook | Twitter

Fred Williamson

Fred Williamson - Crystal Coast Con

Former Oakland Raiders/Kansas City Chiefs football star, Fred Williamson, rose to prominence as one of the first African-American male action stars of the early 1970s, who has since gone on to a long and illustrious career as an actor, director, writer, and producer. Burly, yet handsome, the 6′ 3″ Williamson first came to attention in the TV series “Julia” (1968) playing love interest, Steve Bruce. However, his rugged, athletic physique made him a natural for energetic roles and he quickly established himself as a street wise, tough guy in films including “That Man Bolt” (1973), “Black Caesar” (1973), and “Mean Johnny Barrows” (1976). Talented Williamson established his own production company “Po ‘Boy Productions” in 1974, which has produced over 50 movies to date. Like many young American stars of the 1960s and ’70s, Williamson was noticed by Italian producers who cast him in a slew of Italian produced action movies that occupied a lot of his work in the 1980s. From the late ’80s onwards, he has often played police officers and has kept actively busy in movies and TV for over three decades, both in front of and behind the camera. More recently, indie director Robert Rodriguez cast him alongside FX guru Tom Savini as two vampire killing bikers, in his bloody action film “From Dusk Till Dawn” (1996), and he has most recently appeared on screen (displaying his wonderful comedy skills) playing grumpy Captain Dobey in “Starsky & Hutch” (2004).

For more information on Fred Williamson, you can check him out here:

Bill Blair

Bill Blair - Crystal Coast Con

Talented character actor Bill Blair will be joining us this year. Bill Blair holds the Guinness world record for most special effect make-up characters portrayed in a career, which is amazing! Bill also played a Cardassian and a Jem’Hadar along with many other roles. Just a few of his many many show/movie appearances to date:

Resident Evil: Afterlife
Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II
Star Trek: Enterprise
Star Trek: The Experience – Borg Invasion 4D
Star Trek: Voyager
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Babylon 5

… and MANY, MANY more!

Bill will be doing a realistic Klingon makeup demonstration while at the event.

For more information about the Bill Blair, you check him out here:
Bill Blair’s Website | Facebook | IMDb

Tawny Kitaen

Tawny Kitaen - Crystal Coast Con

Tawny Kitaen was born in San Diego, California. She is an actress, known for Bachelor Party (1984), Santa Barbara (1984) and The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik Yak (1984), Hercules: Legandary Journeys and Witchboard. She was previously married to Chuck Finley and David Coverdale.

For more information about Tawny Kitaen, you can check her out here:

Samantha Newark

Samantha Newark

With a wildly loyal global fan-base for her voice-over work as “Jem” and “Jerrica” in the cartoon classic “Jem and the Holograms,” Samantha Newark is also a part of the iconic Hasbro brand “Transformers” with guest-starring roles as “Ariel”, “Elise Presser” and “The Zamajon Empress”. She can be heard as the gentle British voice of Peter Pan’s mother in the classic Steven Spielberg’s feature film “Hook” and starred in the campy horror flick Summer Camp Nightmare with Chuck Conners as rebel camper Debbie. Samantha appears in the 2015 live action “Jem and the Holograms” feature film alongside Juliet Lewis, Molly Ringwald and Aubrey Peeples in a special cameo role, her shout out to legions of original fans. In the late 2000’s, Samantha was invited into the prestigious Leonard Cohen circle as a back-up singer and went on to tour extensively as a back up singer with the stadium worthy “Bricks in the Wall” belting out the Sights and Sounds of Pink Floyd. Based in Nashville, TN since 2014, Samantha is writing and recording her solo self released solo pop/electronica/dance albums. Her original music and vocals can be heard on many block buster game titles such as God of War, Twisted Metal Black and Wild Arms 3, movie soundtracks and hit TV shows such as Smallville, Gossip Girl, The Ellen Show, the Kardashian franchise and more.

For more information about Samantha Newark, you can check her out here:

Website | IMDb | Facebook |Twitter

Tasya Teles

Tasya Teles

Tasya Teles was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is known for her work on Afflicted (2013), Skin Trade (2014) and The Christmas Secret (2014).

Born in Toronto, Tasya moved to Vancouver as a child, and attended Concordia University in Montréal, Quebec. She originally studied commerce, but soon fell in love with theatre. She spent a few years in New York, and Montréal pursuing modeling, but eventually returned back to Vancouver, B.C. to pursue her love for theatre and film.

For more information about the Tasya Teles, you check her out here:
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Rick Mora

Rick Mora - Crystal Coast Con

Rick Mora has starred in many movies and shows, but is best known for his role in Twilight, as Jacob Black’s great great grandfather Ephraim Black, leader of the original Werewolf Tribe. Rick also starred in The Dead of the Damned, and has receieved 4 film awards thus far.

For more information about Rick Mora, you can check him out here:
Rick’s Website | Twitter | IMDb

Dango Nguyen

Dango Nguyen - Crystal Coast Con

Dango Nguyen has re-occureing role on CW’s runaway hit The Originals and starred in Season 3 of The Walking Dead as a Woodbury guard. He also played Master Chong in the 2012 movie Masters.

For more information about Dango Nguyen, you can check him out here:
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Jack Guzman

Jack Guzman moved to Miami, Florida at age five to live with his grandmother, eventually enrolling in Florida International University where he focused his studies on TV production. While attending F.I.U., he took an introductory acting class for what he thought would be an easy grade. In fact, it sparked a deeper interest in acting, resulting in Guzman relocating to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. To support himself, he engaged in a variety of jobs including telemarketing, background work, and promotional advertising for liquor companies. His first big break came as Danny Delgado, the Black Ranger, in the TV series, Power Rangers Wild Force. Since then he has gone on to many other television roles in such shows as The Drew Carey Show, Without A Trace, Threat Matrix, Cold Case, The Bold And The Beautiful, CSI Miami, Days Of Our Lives, to name a few. He also appeared in feature films, including The Versace Murder, Smokin’ Stogies, and Adam & Steve.

For more information about Jack Guzman, you can check him out here:

Lauren Henneberg

Lauren Henneberg - Crystal Coast Con

Lauren Henneberg is an actress and producer from Atlanta who started out acting at Netherworld Haunted House, voted one of the best haunted houses in the country. She was invited to audition at the first Zombie School and went on to be a Walker in The Walking Dead in Seasons 1 through 4, appearing as various Walkers in approximately 12 episodes. She has also portrayed a Mystic Falls Cheerleader on The Vampire Diaries in Seasons 1 through 4, as well as a District 13 Citizen in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 and Part 2, and more. In addition to acting, Lauren enjoys producing original projects and is currently working on a survival show called Selene Survival Goddess coming to YouTube soon!

IMDb | Lauren Henneburg Facebook | Selene Survival Facebook

King Robota

King Robota - Crystal Coast Con

King Robota was favored on last season’s America’s Got Talent

For more information about the King Robota, you check them out here:
King Robota’s Website | Facebook

Stro “The Maestro”

Stro "The Maestro" - Crystal Coast Con

Stro is an American professional wrestler and film actor, best known for his appearances with World Championship Wrestling under the ring name “The Maestro” and in the past under his family ring name “Gorgeous George III”. Str is the grand nephew of the legendary late, Gorgeous George. He has also wrestled for various other promotions, including the National Wrestling Alliance, United States Wrestling Association, Smokey Mountain Wrestling and the World Wrestling Council. In the 2014, he was inducted into the MWF Wrestling Hall of Fame. Str has performed on Pay Per View with the late “Godfather of Soul,” James Brown and has cameoed on several episodes of the television series One Tree Hill and Sleepy Hollow on FOX. Stro has been in such films as “12-24” , “Deader Country”, “The Legend of Johnny Smalltie” , and in short films such as, “Southern Iron”, “Get Up”, and “Epic Dream”. Stro will be appearing in an upcoming episode of “Secrets and Lies” on ABC, as well as upcoming films “The Hollow Oak” , “Dracula’s War”, and “My EX Girlfriend, The Serial Killer”. He was the fight choreographer for the films “The Legend of Johnny Smalltie” and “The Hollow Oak”.

Stro is trained in Mixed Martial Arts and Collegiante Wrestling and volunteers his time once a year to help Fishing With Special Friends for the disabled.

For more information about “The Maestro”, you can check him out here:
Website | Twitter | Facebook

Eliza Jayne

Eliza Jayne - Crystal Coast Con

Eliza Jayne is a model, actress and Ghost Huntress from Pennsylvania. Eliza has done promo work for many national companies, appeared on numerous television shows, national radio programs, and international magazines. Most recently she was featured on SyFy’s Ghost Hunters Season 8 and Jerseylicious Season 6. She is currently working on several independent films Her interest in the Paranormal has also been part of her paths calling for many years as well, which has lead her to furthering the need to investigate and study the Field. She has been able to join different groups and people, and been able to investigate from Gettysburg and it’s battlefield, to the Hudson Valley NY area to the ”The Shanley Hotel”.

She was a new recruit for “Paranormal Task Force” “aka” PTF and filmed several Episodes of a TV Show called “HAUNT U”, which has been Airing on Comcast’s ON DEMAND’S “Paranormal TV” station. Where she and another New Recruit, were trained on investigative techniques and equipment, and then sent out to use their training to investigate, ”Eastern State Penitentiary” in Philadelphia PA.

For more information on Eliza, check her out here:
IMDB | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Erin Rhew

Erin Rhew - Crystal Coast Con

Erin Rhew is the operations manager at a small press, a running coach, and the author of a young adult fantasy trilogy, The Fulfillment Series. Since she picked up Morris the Moose Goes to School at age four, she has been infatuated with the written word. She went on to work as a grammar and writing tutor in college and is still teased by her family and friends for being a member of the “Grammar Police.”

After brief time living in a rainy pocket of the Pacific Northwest, Erin returned to her Southern roots and now lives in her hometown with her amazingly talented author husband, Deek Rhew, and their patient-as-a-saint writing assistant, a tabby cat named Trinity. She and Deek enjoy reading aloud to one another, running, lifting, boxing, eating chocolate, and writing side-by-side.

For more information about Erin Rhew, you can check her out here:
Website | Blog | Street Team | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Goodreads

 Chrissy Lessey

Chrissy Lassey - Crystal Coast Con

Talented author of “The Coven’ and ‘The Secret Keepers’, Chrissy Lessey.
Chrissy Lessey is an autism advocate, a coffee junkie, and an avid reader. Her debut novel, The Coven, marks the beginning of the Crystal Coast series. She is currently working on the next installment in the series as well as other projects. Her books are getting five star reviews across the board and she will be signing her books at our event!!

For more information about Chrissy Lassey, you can check her out here:
Website | Facebook

Dave Atwell

Dave Atwell - Crystal Coast Con

Dave Atwell is a local author of the Rotting Frontier book series. The series follows the path of destruction set forth by a curse called “the Hunger”. When you become a victim, you have two choices to make, and neither are very appealing. The story is set in southwest Wyoming in 1866 and follows the journey of a displaced family from coastal North Carolina. Rotting Frontier is a western wrapped in horror and suspense. Rotting Frontier and Rotting Frontier: Revelations are available on amazon.com, barnes&noble.com and other book retailers. Dave currently resides in Jacksonville, North Carolina with his wife, Dale, and son, Rob. He’s a huge fan of “The Walking Dead”, “American Horror Story”, “Banshee”, and “The Leftovers”. When Dave isn’t writing, he’s watching sports or reading a comic book….a habit he can’t shake.

For more information about Dave, you can check him out here:

Josh Leone

Josh Leone - Crystal Coast Con

Josh Leone is the author of the exciting new series of science fiction novels, The Calling Tower Saga. The first and eponymous book in the series, Calling Tower has, in the short time it has been available on Amazon, developed a significant readership that continues to grow. In addition to being a full-time author, Josh is also a huge science fiction fan, avid reader, tinkerer, and proud autistic. Josh lives in Raleigh, NC with his wife and two cats. As the number of Calling Tower fans continues to grow, Josh is hard at work on the second book in the saga, Primacy Fall. Primacy Fall is set for a pre-Christmas, 2016 release. The third book is tentatively set for a mid-2016 release.

For more information about Josh, you can check him out here:

501st Legion

501st Legion - Crystal Coast Con

Since 1997, the costuming organization known as the 501st Legion has spread the magic of the Star Wars genre worldwide through its authentic-looking costumes, and has become the leading force in fan-based charity events. The 501st, also known as “Vader’s Fist,” is truly dedicated to brightening the lives of those less-fortunate.

For more information about 501st Legion check them out here:
501st Legion Website | Facebook | Twitter

Rebel Legion

Rebel Legion - Crystal Coast Con

The Rebel Legion is an international Star Wars costuming organization created by, of and for people interested in creating costumes from the Star Wars mythos. Research, create, build and improve your costumes in a place where costumers with similar passions share skills, tips and ideas. Jedi, Rebel Pilots, Troopers, Princesses and even Wookiees…. we’ve got them all….and we’re always looking for more. Besides our ‘Good Guy’ costumes, our worldwide membership often choose to give back to their communities (through costumed volunteer activities and charity events).

For more information on Rebel Legion check them out here:
Rebel Legion Website | Facebook | Twitter

Mandalorian Mercs

Mandalorian Mercs - Crystal Coast Con

Founded in 2007 by Tom Hutchens, Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club (MMCC) has quickly grown to be one of the largest global Star Wars fan organizations.
Mandalorian Mercs is a truly unique organization as it encourages membership applicants to focus on adding their personal and distincitive creative individually as opposed to limiting them based soley on visual accuracies from the Star Wars films, books, comics, video games, and other media. The MMCC is an inclusive and friendly club, following the Mandalorian way of “Clans” or family units and a clans’ ability to adopt anyone who wishes to be a Mandalorian.

For more information about Mandalorian Mercs check them out here:

Mandalorian Mercs Website | Facebook | Twitter | InstagramTumblr

U.S.S. Kitty Hawk

U.S.S. Kitty Hawk - Crystal Coast Con

The U.S.S. Kitty Hawk is the Raleigh, NC, chapter of StarFleet International, a world-wide association of fans with a common interest in Star Trek and other science fiction. Our goal is to celebrate the ideas expresssed in the Star Trek universe through active participation in community service activities throughout the greater Triangle area — including the annual UNC-TV pledge drive, which we’ve done for the last 20+ years.

For more information about U.S.S. Kitty Hawk check them out here:
U.S.S. Kitty Hawk Website

John Marshall Davis


John Marshall Davis writes science fiction and fantasy from his home in North Carolina. His current project is a series of novellas titled The Fall and Rise of the Third Planet. When he is not writing, John enjoys TV, movies, gaming, reading, hiking, yard work (strangely enough), and modding his Mustang. He listens to rock and metal, having dabbled in guitar and bass most of his life. His only dependent is a handsome boxer mix named Jax.

For more information about John, you can check him out here:
Website | Goodreads | Facebook |Twitter

John Dixon

John Dixon - Crystal Coast Con

John Dixon is a Disabled Veteran and Traditional Inker from New Bern, currently living in Wilmington, NC. He has been inking professionally for almost 2 years. His past credits are Z Time 2 (Argentina release), Sadistic 1 & 2 (Insane Comics), Insane Aslylum (Insane Comics), We Scream (Insane Comics) and now The Angel Wars (UWS Comics). While he concentrates on traditional inking, he is branching out to coloring. He is always looking for new and exciting projects to enhance his skills. “Comics got started for me in the early 70’s when my Dad, Tommy, would take us shrimping. He would stop at the store for our supplies and buy me a few comics to read in the bow of the boat. That tradition I hope to pass on to a whole new generation of comic book lovers!”

Fore more information about John, you can check him out here:
Facebook | Deviant Art

Fantasy Tattoo Studio

Fantasy Tattoo Studio - Crystal Coast Con

Fantasy Tattoo Studio’s Tattoo Butch is an avid fan of all things Comic Con related and often gets the chance to express this love through his art and will be attending to share this with fellow enthusiasts by offering a lifelong momento applied through his tattooing techniques.

For more information about Fantasy Tattoo Studio you can check them out here:

**All guests and times are subject to change without notice.**


There are several reasons why a guest might cancel on us. The most common is professional commitment on another project. PLEASE DO NOT SHOOT THE MESSENGER. We are just as disappointed as you are.

Kevin Grevioux

Kevin Grevioux - Crystal Coast Con

Alyson Kiperman Sullivan

Elysia Rotaru

Elysia Rotaru - Crystal Coast Con

 Kris Holden-Ried

Kris Holden-Ried - Crystal Coast Con

Toby Levins

Toby Levins - Crystal Coast Con