2016 Dealers

Retro Daddio

Retro Daddio - Crystal Coast Con

Retro Daddio is joining the Crystal Coast Con this year from Williamsburg and is the one-stop fun shop that carries collectibles and music. They carry Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Monty Python, Harry Potter, Steampunk, Marvel and DC, Vinyl, CDs, and more!
Visit them on Facebook.

A Steampunked Life

A Steampunked Life - Crystal Coast Con

A Steampunked Life hails from Virginia and will be joining the Crystal Coast Con presenting unique and one of a kind Steampunk accessories from head to toe. You can see their creations on Instagram and Facebook.

Grave Digger Bunnies

Grave Digger Bunnies - Crystal Coast Con

Ruya Mira presents her unique artwork and creations at this year’s Crystal Coast Con. Visit her website at TheCreativeBunnies.com for details about her interests and background. You can also check her out on Facebook.

Artagem Graphic Library

Artagem Graphic Library - Crystal Coast Con

Artagem is the catch-all for graphic stories made by Max Dowdle and Morrow Dowdle. It’s a self-publishing fantasy company. They will have books and stories to share at this year’s Crystal Coast Con! You can view their website at Artagem.com.

Oh Snap! Moblie Photo Booth

Oh Snap! Moblie Photo Booth - Crystal Coast Con

Oh Snap! creates fun photo options for your next event. Check them out at the Crystal Coast Con and see what exciting backgrounds they have in store for our attendees! Learn more about them at Facebook.

Kaisy Wilkerson-Mills

Kaisy Wilkerson Mills - Crystal Coast Con

Kaisy Wilkerson-Mills is a science fiction/dystopian author who resides in New Bern, North Carolina. She is a full-time English Instructor who loves to write fiction. With the help of her writing partner, James Courtney, the vile nation of City-State comes to life! James is a full-time postal worker who resides in Loveland, Colorado.

Kaisy and James have been working together for three years. Kaisy and James attempt to create characters and situations that truly represent dystopian literature – realistic, terrifying events and situations that may happen if democracy perished. Additional information (info that is not listed but may help our committee): Our current publications are available via Amazon – search “The Dystopian Nation of City-State.

Curious Goods Curios

Curios Goods Curios - Crystal Coast Con

For more information, check them out here:
Curious Goods Curios’ Website

Independant Designs, Graphics and Forms

Independent Designs, Graphics and Forms - Crystal Coast Con

Independand Designs, Graphics and Forms will be joining the Crystal Coast Con this year featuring their Art, Comics, Models and Odd Nerdery. Learn more about them on Facebook.

Intra Coastal Design

Intra Coastal Design - Crystal Coast Con

Joining the Crystal Coast Con, Intra Coastal Design will be available to answer all of your questions about team packs and uniforms for your athletic team. Visit their website at www.teampacks.com for more information.

Project Super Hero ENC

Project Superhero - Crystal Coast Con

Project Superhero is a grassroots, privately funded initiative based in Eastern North Carolina, USA. We are working to raise over $5,000 in sponsorships and private donations to fund our volunteer based project that will focus on creative altruism. While dressing as well known superheroes (and other fictional childhood characters) we will volunteer our time to Children’s Hospitals, Community Outreach programs, Library and Literacy programs… as well as any other nonprofit or charity that benefits children in our area.

For more information about Project Super Hero of ENC check them out here:
Website | Facebook

Zubima Imports

Zubima Imports - Crystal Coast Con

Zubima Import is an importer, maker and dealer of movie, TV, game, and anime jewelry, including necklaces inspired from Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Legend of Zelda, and Pokémon. Currently you can find some of their exciting items at the Raleigh Fairgrounds Fleamarket spot #117 (Yellow Tent), on eBay, Bonanza, and on Groupon.

For more information on Zubima Imports, visit them here:
Zumbia Website | Etsy

The Dagorhir Realm of Randir

The Dagorhir Realm of Randir - Cyrstal Coast Con

The Dagorhir Realm of Randir recreates a live-action combat game at this year’s Crystal Coast Con. Visit their website at randir.wordpress.com for more information.

Mac Gremlin & Company

Mac Gremlin & Company - Crystal Coast Con

Mac Gremlin & Company joins the Crystal Coast Con this year to display their Custom clothes for the adventurous time traveler. For more information about them check them out on Facebook.

K & T CNC Designs

K & T CNC Designs - Crystal Coast Con

At K&T CNC Designs joins the Crystal Coast Con this year showcasing their designs including monograms, family names, photo frames, wall art and much much more. For more information check them out on Facebook.

Josh Mayers

Josh Mayers - Crystal Coast Con

Joining the Crystal Coast Con this year is Josh Mayers, a local artist illustrating comic book and video game characters. For more information check him out on Facebook.

Executor Haruko Art

Executor Haruko Art presents her unique artwork at this year’s Crystal Coast Con. Visit her website at executor-haruko.deviantart.com for more information about her interests and view her gallery of work.

Liesel Hat Hutch

Liesel Hat Hutch joins the Crystal Coast Con this year showcasing affordable Miniature Top Hat’s for any occasion. Whatever you can dream (reference preferred) we can do. Hat’s are made by hand and no two are alike. So your sure to have one of a kind hat. For more information check her out on Facebook.

Jacqueline Lunger

Joining us this year at the Crystal Coast Con is Jacqueline Lunger, a psychic author, is an Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Seer, Author, Medium, Spiritual Counselor and Numerologist. Visit her website at www.psychicauthor.com for more information.

Alexandra Paquet

Andrea Paquet displays her artwork at this year’s Crystal Coast Con. Visit her website ika-hime.deviantart.com for more information and to view her gallery of work.

Carolina Caricatures

Carolina Caricatures provides hand-drawn caricatures of you as yourself or any superhero/cartoon character. Frames are optional. We are based n Myrtle each SC and draw on Pier 15, as well a comic cons throughout the southeast. Our website is CarolinaCaricatures.com. You can like us on Facebook, @CarolinCaricatures.

Damsel in Defense

Damsel in Defense joins the Crystal Coast Con this year that helps provide personal protection products to keep women safe. For more information visit their website at mydamselpro.net/wavesofdefense.

For an application on becoming a dealer in the 2016 Crystal Coast Con, click here or contact us to get slated for our 2016 show!