2015 Guests

Michael Biehn

Michael Biehn - Crystal Coast Con

Michael Connell Biehn was born on July 31, 1956 in Anniston, Alabama, to Marcia (Connell) and Don Biehn, a lawyer. He grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska, and at age 14 moved with his family to Lake Havasu, Arizona, where he won a drama scholarship to the University of Arizona. He left prematurely two years later to pursue an acting career in Hollywood. His first big role was as a psychotic fan stalking Lauren Bacall in The Fan (1981) and later appeared in The Lords of Discipline (1983). He hit the big-time when he was cast as Kyle Reese, the man sent back through time to stop Arnold Schwarzenegger in James Cameron’s The Terminator (1984). This established a good working relationship with Cameron, a relationship that should have catapulted Biehn to international stardom. He starred in Cameron’s subsequent films, Aliens (1986) and The Abyss (1989), the latter a standout performance as unstable Navy SEAL officer Lt. Hiram Coffey. In the 1990s he starred in films like Navy Seals (1990), K2 (1991) and was particularly memorable as Johnny Ringo in Tombstone (1993). Biehn is married and the father of four sons.

For more information on Michael, you can check him out here:

Tim Russ

Tim Russ - Crystal Coast Con

Tim Russ has been working within the entertainment industry for the past thirty years. His talents encompass a wide spectrum of the performing arts including composing, music (guitar & vocals), acting, writing, directing, voice-over and producing. Mr. Russ received his B.S. in Theater at St. Edward’s University Austin TX, and completed one year of post graduate work in theater at Illinois State University.

As an actor, Mr. Russ has worked in a cross section of films and television. His film credits
include; “Live Free or Die Hard,” “Rampart,” “Star Trek: Generations,” series regular roles on “The Highwayman” “The People Next Door,” “Star Trek-Voyager,” “Samantha Who,” and “iCarly.” He has also appeared in numerous stage plays including the original Los Angeles premier of “Dreamgirls.”

Mr. Russ has also entered the TV/Film directing arena with credits including,
“Star Trek: Voyager,” and the feature films, “Star Trek: Of Gods and Men,” & “Night at the Silent Movie Theater,” and “Star Trek: Renegades, ” as well as the current award winning web series, “Bloomers.”

For more information on Tim, check him out here:

 Bill Blair

Bill Blair

Talented character actor BILL BLAIR will be joining us this year. We are REALLY excited about this. Bill Blair holds the Guinness world record for most special effect make-up characters portrayed in a career! That is AMAZING!! Just a few of his many many show/movie appearances to date:

Resident Evil: Afterlife
Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II
Star Trek: Enterprise
Star Trek: The Experience – Borg Invasion 4D
Star Trek: Voyager
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Babylon 5

… and MANY, MANY more!

Bill will be doing a realistic Klingon makeup demonstration while at the event.

For more information about the Bill Blair, you check him out here:
Bill Blair’s Website | Facebook | IMDB

Jack Stauffer

Jack-Stauffer - Crystal Coast Con

Jack Stauffer has worked professionally in the television, film, and stage industries for the past forty five years.  A long time veteran television actor, Jack is best remembered for creating the role of Chuck Tyler on ABC’s award winning daytime serial “All My Children” and as Bojay on “Battlestar Galactica”.

In 2014 he starred in the SAG short film “Sons of Guns”, playing a sadistic former Nazi in a dark comedy about the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.  In 2013 Jack co-starred in the SAG short film “The Right Regrets”. Both films were entered in several film festivals and earned awards.

 Over his long career, Jack starred in pilots for his own television series: “Alex and the Doberman Gang”, “The Incredible Island”, and “Mobile Medics”, appeared in Emmy Award movies of the week such as “Police Story” and ‘Eleanor and Franklin”, starred in the feature “Mission Galactica” and co-starred in the feature film “Chattanooga Choo Choo”. He also made guest appearances on over sixty different prime-time television shows, mini series, and movies of the week all the way from “The Streets of San Francisco” to “Melrose Place”.  He has also filmed over 250 commercials.

For many years Jack performed regularly in many Southern California theatre venues.  He co-starred in “My Fair Lady” with Broadway and Los Angeles “Phantom of the Opera” star Dale Kristien.  Other favorite starring roles include “The Music Man “ (four times), “Oliver”, ”Annie Get Your Gun”, “Guys and Dolls”, “Fiorello”, “Can Can” and ”Mister Roberts” which he has starred in three times and directed twice.

Jack is a graduate of Northwestern University with a BA in Drama and History.  He and his wife Katy have two children, Christopher and Samantha.

For more information about Jack, you can check him here:
IMDB | Jack Stauffer’s Website

Erin Cahill

Erin Cahill

Erin Cahill was born on January 4, 1980 in Virginia, USA as Erin Jessica Cahill. She is an actress, known for Power Rangers Time Force (2001), Boogeyman 3 (2008) and Fast Track: No Limits (2008). She was the Pink Ranger in Power Rangers Time Force. She also appeared in Supernatural, Boogeyman 3, Saving Grace, Sleepy Hollow and she was also a voice in Call of Duty Black Ops II.

For more information about Erin, check her out here:

Michael Copon

Michael Copon

Michael Copon was born on November 13, 1982 in Chesapeake, Virginia, USA as Michael Sowell Copon. He is an actor and producer, known for Power Rangers Time Force (2001), The Scorpion King: Rise of a Warrior (2008) and 247°F (2011). In Power Rangers Time Force he performed as the Blue Ranger.

For more information on Michael, check him out here:

Jason Faunt

Jason Faunt

Jason grew up just outside of Chicago. A talented athlete, Jason almost became a professional baseball player. Instead, he came out to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. Jason makes his professional debut in Power Rangers Time Force as the Red Power Ranger.

For more information on Jason, check him out here:

Rick Mora

Rick Mora

Rick has starred in many movies and shows, but is best known for his role in Twilight, as Jacob Black’s great great grandfather Ephraim Black, leader of the original Werewolf Tribe. Rick also starred in The Dead of the Damned, and has receieved 4 film awards thus far.

For more information about Rick, you can check him out here:
Rick’s Website | Twitter | IMDB

Dango Nguyen

Dango Nguyen

Dango has re-occureing role on CW’s runaway hit The Originals and starred in Season 3 of The Walking Dead as a Woodbury guard. He also played Master Chong in the 2012 movie Masters.

For more information about Dango, you can check him out here:

Amber Dawn

Amber Dawn - Crystal Coast con

Amber Dawn Fox started as a background actor in 2009. She has appeared in shows such as The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Under The Dome. She also has worked on the films Dear John and Dumb and Dumber To, among others.  She enjoyed working on set and the entire process of it all, so much that she began taking acting classes at the beginning of 2014.  She worked on a few indie and student films shortly after.  Recently, she was featured in season 5 of The Walking Dead as “Officer Bello”, one of Dawn’s people at Grady Memorial Hospital.  She is also working on a pilot, which will be a sci-fi drama series titled “Realm”, tentatively scheduled to air in 2015. She will play Agnes, the head witch from the immortal realm.

For more information about Amber, check her out here:
IMDB | Facebook

Michael Koske

Michael Koske

Michael Koske portrayed numerous walkers on AMC’s series The Walking Dead including Callaway.

For more information about Michael, you can check him out here:
Wikia | Facebook

Stro “The Maestro”

The Maestro - Crystal Coast Con

Stro is an American professional wrestler and film actor, best known for his appearances with World Championship Wrestling under the ring name “The Maestro” and in the past under his family ring name “Gorgeous George III”. Str is the grand nephew of the legendary late, Gorgeous George. He has also wrestled for various other promotions, including the National Wrestling Alliance, United States Wrestling Association, Smokey Mountain Wrestling and the World Wrestling Council. In the 2014, he was inducted into the MWF Wrestling Hall of Fame. Str has performed on Pay Per View with the late “Godfather of Soul,” James Brown and has cameoed on several episodes of the television series One Tree Hill and Sleepy Hollow on FOX. Stro has been in such films as “12-24” , “Deader Country”, “The Legend of Johnny Smalltie” , and in short films such as, “Southern Iron”, “Get Up”, and “Epic Dream”. Stro will be appearing in an upcoming episode of “Secrets and Lies” on ABC, as well as upcoming films “The Hollow Oak” , “Dracula’s War”, and “My EX Girlfriend, The Serial Killer”. He was the fight choreographer for the films “The Legend of Johnny Smalltie” and “The Hollow Oak”.

Stro is trained in Mixed Martial Arts and Collegiante Wrestling and volunteers his time once a year to help Fishing With Special Friends for the disabled.

For more information about “The Maestro”, you can check him out here:
Website | Twitter | Facebook

Chrissy Lessey

Chrissy Lassey

Talented author of “The Coven’ and ‘The Secret Keepers’, Chrissy Lessey.
Chrissy Lessey is an autism advocate, a coffee junkie, and an avid reader. Her debut novel, The Coven, marks the beginning of the Crystal Coast series. She is currently working on the next installment in the series as well as other projects. Her books are getting five star reviews across the board and she will be signing her books at our event!!

William Fripp

William Fripp

William Fripp is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina and currently resides in Lincolnton, North Carolina with his wife, Valerie, and two cats. After nearly three decades in the restaurant business, he has turned his passion for storytelling into a full time job. He is a published author, blogger, speech writer, public speaker, musician and is active on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and LinkedIn.

William’s first novel, #AdInfinitum, is available in Kindle and paperback editions through Amazon, BookDaily.com and Solstice Horizons Publishing.

Kaisy Wilkerson-Mills

Kaisy Wilkerson Mills - Crystal Coast Con

Kaisy Wilkerson-Mills is a science fiction/dystopian author who resides in New Bern, North Carolina. She is a full-time English Instructor who loves to write fiction. With the help of her writing partner, James Courtney, the vile nation of City-State comes to life! James is a full-time postal worker who resides in Loveland, Colorado.

Kaisy and James have been working together for three years. Kaisy and James attempt to create characters and situations that truly represent dystopian literature – realistic, terrifying events and situations that may happen if democracy perished. Additional information (info that is not listed but may help our committee): Our current publications are available via Amazon – search “The Dystopian Nation of City-State.

Mikki Marvel

Mikki Marvel - Crystal Coast Con

Mikki Marvel is a full-time professional traveling model who enjoys cosplaying for personal enjoyment in her spare time. She is the Western NC manager of the FanDames Initiative, an organization that specializes in promoting geek girls in a positive light. She works more than twenty conventions a year and adores everything about the fun and supportive convention community.

For more information about Mikki, check her our here:

North Carolina Cosplay Gallifrey

DFW Cosplay Gallifrey - Crystal Coast Con

DFW Cosplay Gallifrey was born in Dallas Texas in March of 2009 at ALL-CON. We wanted to be a group not just of fans but a group focused on the COSPLAY aspect of Doctor Who.

We pride ourselves in having excellent cosplays, having knowledgable officers and members, and offering help to our members to learn and improve in the world of Whovian cosplay. We encourage everyone to have fun and grow with us!

For more information about North Carolina Cosplay Gallifrey, check them out here:

Brian Brown

Extensively published and recognized by the convention community.

Dave Atwell

Dave Atwell - Crystal Coast Con

Dave is a local author of the Rotting Frontier book series. The series follows the path of destruction set forth by a curse called “the Hunger”. When you become a victim, you have two choices to make, and neither are very appealing. The story is set in southwest Wyoming in 1866 and follows the journey of a displaced family from coastal North Carolina. Rotting Frontier is a western wrapped in horror and suspense. Rotting Frontier and Rotting Frontier: Revelations are available on amazon.com, barnes&noble.com and other book retailers. Dave currently resides in Jacksonville, North Carolina with his wife, Dale, and son, Rob. He’s a huge fan of “The Walking Dead”, “American Horror Story”, “Banshee”, and “The Leftovers”. When Dave isn’t writing, he’s watching sports or reading a comic book….a habit he can’t shake.

For more information about Dave, you can check him out here:

Josh Leone

Josh Leone - Crystal Coast Con

Josh Leone is the author of the exciting new series of science fiction novels, The Calling Tower Saga. The first and eponymous book in the series, Calling Tower has, in the short time it has been available on Amazon, developed a significant readership that continues to grow. In addition to being a full-time author, Josh is also a huge science fiction fan, avid reader, tinkerer, and proud autistic. Josh lives in Raleigh, NC with his wife and two cats. As the number of Calling Tower fans continues to grow, Josh is hard at work on the second book in the saga, Primacy Fall. Primacy Fall is set for a pre-Christmas, 2016 release. The third book is tentatively set for a mid-2016 release.

For more information about Josh, you can check him out here:

U.S.S. Kitty Hawk

U.S.S. Kitty Hawk

The U.S.S. Kitty Hawk is the Raleigh, NC, chapter of StarFleet International, a world-wide association of fans with a common interest in Star Trek and other science fiction. Our goal is to celebrate the ideas expresssed in the Star Trek universe through active participation in community service activities throughout the greater Triangle area — including the annual UNC-TV pledge drive, which we’ve done for the last 20+ years.

For more information about U.S.S. Kitty Hawk check them out here:
U.S.S. Kitty Hawk Website

Project Super Hero ENC

Project Super Hero ENC - Crystal Coast Con

Project Superhero is a grassroots, privately funded initiative based in Eastern North Carolina, USA. We are working to raise over $5,000 in sponsorships and private donations to fund our volunteer based project that will focus on creative altruism. While dressing as well known superheroes (and other fictional childhood characters) we will volunteer our time to Children’s Hospitals, Community Outreach programs, Library and Literacy programs… as well as any other nonprofit or charity that benefits children in our area.

For more information about Project Super Hero of ENC check them out here:
Website | Facebook


Axanar - Crystal Coast Con

Axanar is a ground breaking independent ­film that proves the idea that a studio doesn’t need to spend millions of dollars to produce a feature quality production. Axanar will be the first non-CBS/Paramount produced Star Trek to look and feel like a true Star Trek movie.

The story of Garth of Izar, a character only seen in one episode of the original Star Trek, that is until one writer & producer Alec Peters wrote an additional story 20 years ago. It wasn’t until 3 years ago, after playing Garth in the well known Star Trek: New Voyages fan film, did Alec turn the story into a screenplay.

For more information about Axanar check them out here:

Star Trek New Voyages

New Voyages - Crystal Coast Con

STAR TREK: NEW VOYAGES is the longest-running, Star Trek original series fan production in the world. Created in 2003 by James Cawley, along with producer Jack Marshall, the show strives to complete the “five-year mission” of the Starship Enterprise, “to boldly go where no man has gone before.” It’s celebration of Gene Roddenberry’s legacy has won critical acclaim and numerous accolades, as well as attracting the attention and participation of Star Trek alumni such as George Takei and Walter Koenig, who have returned to reprise their roles on NEW VOYAGES.

Started as a labor of love by a small, dedicated group of friends and super-fans, NEW VOYAGES has evolved into a family of hundreds of talented volunteers and professionals, shooting on the most accurate and complete recreations of the original Desilu sets around, all coming together with the goal of preserving and expanding the Star Trek universe for fans around the world.

For more information about Star Trek New Voyages you can check them out here:


There are several reasons why a guest might cancel on us. The most common is professional commitment on another project. PLEASE DO NOT SHOOT THE MESSENGER. We are just as disappointed as you are.

Walter Koenig

Walter Koenig - Crystal Coast Con

Walter Koenig is best known for his role of the Russian scientist, Pavel Chekov, on Star Trek: The Original Series. Walter Koenig has had a recurring role of the quintessential scoundrel Bester on the television series Babylon 5 (1994). He has been the “Special Guest Star” in twelve episodes and, at the end of the third season, the production company applied for an Emmy nomination on his behalf. He once again plays Bester in the spin-off series Crusade (1999). He has also appeared on dozens of other television series and as Pavel Chekov in the original Star Trek (1966) series. Koenig recreated the character of the Russian navigator for the first seven Star Trek films and took the leading role in the video feature, Moontrap (1989). In an interactive state-of-the-art video game from Digital Pictures called Maximum Surge (1996), Koenig starred as Drexel, another scoundrel.

Walter has written for the television series The Powers of Matthew Star (1982), What Really Happened to the Class of ’65? (1977), Family (1976), Land of the Lost (1974), and the animated Star Trek: The Animated Series (1973) series. Koenig has taught classes in acting and directing privately at UCLA, The Sherwood Oaks Experimental Film College and at the California School of Professional Psychology. Most recently, he has been an instructor at the Actor’s Alley Repertory Company in Los Angeles, California.

For more information about Walter, check him out here:

Kevin Sorbo

Kevin Sorbo - Crystal Coast Con

Kevin David Sorbo was born in Mound, Minnesota, on September 24, 1958. In high school, he excelled at football, baseball and basketball; in college, he played these 3 sports, plus hockey. Kevin was also in a number of plays. After leaving college, Kevin joined an actors theater group, and traveled to Europe, then to Sydney, Australia appearing in commercials. At the end of 1986, he settled in Los Angeles. Kevin began to make guest appearances on such popular shows as Murder, She Wrote (1984). At 6′ 3″ and very muscular, Kevin was a natural for the title role in what would become his signature series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (1995).

Most recently, he played the college philosophy professor, Mr. Radisson in the movie God’s Not Dead (2014).

For more information about Kevin, check him out here:
IMDB | Facebook | Twitter

Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford - Crystal Coast con

Paul Bradford is best known for his work on Ghost Hunters International, Southwest and Southwest: The Series. Many of us know Paul Bradford as the level headed tech guy on SyFy channel’s hit show Ghost Hunters International. Using and building all sorts of gadgets and gizmos to catch a ghost or two is all in a days work for Paul and the team of investigators around him. But what happens behind the scenes?

Paul’s interest in the paranormal came simply through his life-long love belief that out-of-this-world experiences can actually happen here on our own realm. Born and raised in the UK, Paul resides now with his wife and children in the USA.

Fore more information about Paul, check him out here:
IMDB |Twitter | Facebook

Brandon Jay McLaren

Brandon Jay McLauren - Crystal Coast Con

We know him as the Jamil Dexter with the 2nd Massachusetts Militia Regiment on Falling Skies! From an Ivy league graduate turned engineer in a world infested by aliens, to a high school teacher accused of committing one of the most mysterious crimes that television has brought to life, and an undercover cop prowling the streets of Southern California, Brandon Jay McLaren has quickly made a name for himself in the entertainment industry for the diverse characters he has brought to life on both big and small screens. Brandon can be currently seen starring as U.S. Customs agent, Dale Jakes, on Graceland.

Brandon booked a guest recurring role in Bravo’s first scripted series, “The Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce.” He is also well known for his breakout role as Bennett Ahmed throughout season one of the critically acclaimed AMC series “The Killing.” He was nominated for a 2012 Leo Award for Best Supporting Performance by a Male in a Dramatic Series for his work on the show. He also was recently seen as Jamil Dexter on season two of Steven Spielberg’s summer blockbuster series “Falling Skies” on TNT. In addition, Brandon is widely known for his role of Lenin (Sam’s love interest) in the popular show Being Erica, Toby in She’s The Man (alongside Channing Tatum and Amanda Bynes), and Jack Landors, the Red SPD Power Ranger.

For more information about Brandon, you can check him out here:

Richard Harmon

Richard Harmon

Richard Harmon was born on August 18, 1991 in Canada. He is an actor and producer, known for Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010), If I Had Wings (2013) and Judas Kiss (2011). He has also a star on the small screen and appeared in The 100 as John Murphy, Continuum as Julian Randol, Fringe, Riese, Caprica, Tower Prep as Ray, Smallville and the Flash Gordon among other series.

For more information about Richard, check him out here:

 Chad Rook

Chad Rook - Crystal Coast Con

Born in Lethbridge, Alberta, Chad left the prairie life and headed to Vancouver straight out of High School to pursue his acting career and make a name for himself in the film scene. His resume includes multiple Feature Film and Television roles, including a Guest Star role opposite Amanda Tapping on the SYFY series “Sanctuary”, multiple roles on the hit series “Supernatural” and recently a key role on the new J.J. Abram’s series, “Alcatraz”.

Chad can also be seen in such features as “The Wingman”, “Brotherhood”, “Killer Bash”, “Replay”, “Texas Road” and “Pestilence”. His TV appearances span across numerous series such as “John Doe”, “The Selection”, “Sanctuary”, “Supernatural”, “Shattered”, “Alcatraz”, “Cult”, “Played”, “Bates Motel”, “Cedar Cove” and “The Flash”. And, is currently in the new CW Series “iZombie”!!

For more information about Chad you can check him out here:

**All guests and times are subject to change without notice.**