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2011 Guests - Dustin Pari

Dustin Pari from “Ghost Hunters International” is an investigator, researcher and all around good guy on the Syfy series.

Dustin Pari was originally seen on “Ghost Hunters” after being given the chance to join TAPS by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson.

Dustin Pari is a proud father of three, and is happily married to his beautiful wife, all of which he misses greatly while traveling to film the show around the globe.

Dustin Pari has been interested in the paranormal since he was a child, and has been investigating since his early teens with friends at local hot spots.

When he’s not hunting ghosts, Dustin Pari is busy holding down three “normal” jobs. In his free time (if there is any), Dustin Pari enjoys spending time with his family, writing satirical social commentaries, eating cereal and watching cartoons.

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